Some Days I just Don’t give a Shit

You know, I’m laying here in bed and thinking: What the fuck am I doing sending my kids to school every day? Why does anything even matter anymore? Do I care about anything they’re learning there? Should I keep on this crooked road, where the world is only made for those with a shit-tonne of money for them to attend university?  I always think no, but I always do yes. Why? Because I have to. And as dark and bleak as the world is, I always try to get them excited about the fact that they will be the new leaders of it one day and change everything. Am I lying? Sometimes I think I am. I know I am.

I mean, let’s just be brutally honest here. Our kids are going to grow up seated in school for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 13 years of their lives. The most precious and most curious time to be alive. And what do we do? Dilute it and tell them school is important and they will have no future without it. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to make sure they understand that.. just like we’re conditioned to understand it. I mean, do you ever really question if this is organic human behavior? Sitting in a fucking classroom all day, separated from your family and friends. Don’t you ever think your kids would rather be outside exploring, talking And listening with you? Wouldn’t you rather decide what and how your child learns? Wouldn’t you prefer real LIFE lessons over standardized academic testing and  Indoctrination for your child? I do and I hate sending them to school every fucking day. They come home at the end of their school day, and I get to spend 4 hours with them before they are asleep.  4 hours. This is not natural. And at least 1 of those hours is spent listening to them talk about how much they hate school. Why are we forced to send them?  It’s because they are to be part of a well-oiled machine, just like us. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this way of life.

So since we’re all legally obligated to send our children off to the gulag for the time being, what can we do to make sure they are being taught valuable and relevant information and principles? We need to teach them those things ourselves. If they come home regurgitating some bullshit that’s historically unfactual, it’s our job to correct them and present evidence, but still, allow them to decide for themselves. To take it a step further, ask for a meeting with the instructor who is teaching the bullshit, and do the same to them.

Another amazing method of education, if you feel so inclined to more traditional schooling is Montessori Education. It allows for a child to learn what he chooses, yet guidance and encouragement are still there should they need it. I think Montessori is so badass. If I had known about earlier, I would choose that path for my kids instead.

Though my next suggestion is a little controversial or even unknown to most parents and  I could only dream of doing this, but it’s often referred to as unschooling or world-schooling. I LOVE this idea and if I had the money to do it, I would be gone with the kids in a heartbeat! The idea of walking through the world with the wonder of a child is real, valuable learning. I admire those who are brave enough and have the means to have their children experience learning this way.

So to end my rant, I guess all I have to say is, give your kids life days, mental health days, fuck around days etc. once in a while. I don’t force my kids to go to school every damn day. they are already there 40 hours per week, without pay,  just like us at our jobs. If you look back at your childhood and realize how wasted it was, doesn’t that make you want different for your kids? I know it has for me. So I let them have kid and life days when I see fit. it’s important to balance their lives that way. I want their human experience to feel as organic as possible, and I just don’t see anything natural about school.

WW3 and your Kids. 

Today holds the record for the most collectively felt anxiety over the very real possibility of WW3. I look around me and see worry as people watch the fear porn playing on just about every TV in every public establishment.  “North Korea…Missiles… Russia… Trump…Syria… civilian casualties…  ” the trigger words go on and on.
The world is increasingly becoming a scarier and an anxiety drove place. Most parents won’t talk to their kids about it because well,  they really don’t know what to say and most likely don’t follow alternative news sources so if they do say anything, it’s all regurgitated Bullshit from the mainstream news. Well, here’s a tip: Learn and tell them the truth.

The first thing I did when I sat down to explain to my kids, is the reason why there seems to be a perpetual state of war. And no it’s not because the Middle East wants to take our freedom or fly themselves into buildings to teach us a lesson. That’s the furthest thing from the truth you can tell your kids. The real reason has to do with something this world turns for: Money and resources. There are 3 specific countries in the Middle East that outright refused to business with the US in -petrodollars and denied the planting of an American Central Bank; Those countries have since been completely destabilized and destroyed. Need some Proof? Here you go.

The second thing I explain to my kids is what propaganda is and how it’s  used to shape public opinion. Believe me, this is not too complex for kids to understand. You would be shocked at how well kids can grasp ideas and information when nurtured to be curious. This video made it very easy for my 8-year-old to understand: Mommy what’s Propaganda?     Aside from simply explaining what propaganda is, you also need to tell them where, and why it’s used.  All you have to do is turn on CNN or any big league News Outlet, and you will see it playing out right before your eyes.

Lastly, and probably the most important aspect of teaching your kids about the very real possibilities of WW3, is how to stay safe and how to create a plan of action should the threat come to your door.  There is enough fear porn out there, and I’m not trying to add to the constant bombardment, I just want to inform and help people prepare mentally and physically. It would be less stressful if you knew where to go, what to do, and how to survive in a disaster. Here is a link to my Survival Preparedness Store courtesy of my Affiliates at Amazon, for survival supplies, books, food that has a self-life of 25+ years, entire first aid and for larger groups and more, to help get yourself informed and ready. It’s never too early or foolish to take precautions. I am always at the ready, especially the fact that I have children and loved ones I need to care for.

Stay informed, Stay on the ready, and stay safe. Peace.