A poem that came to me last night. I don’t usually write poetry, or even know how too, but this is what came out and I thought it would be ok to share. It’s very personal.



I came by today for my coffee

I felt their eyes

I felt how they watched me

I know they were looking at the color of my skin

And looking at my daughter, beautifully born in sin

Looking at the color her skin was not

I guess this is how they were raised, how they were taught.

I travel through society, every day on this road

My heart bathed in gold, my soul a million years old

My baby wrapped in my warm embrace

To keep out the cold, protecting her beautiful face

I remind her all the time what she’s not

This is how she is raised, this is how she is taught

It must be so hard having a mother who’s black

You’re always having to watch her back

All the political divides slapping her with labels

Sticking to her skin, like staples

For too long, this battle she has fought

This is how she is raised, this is how she is taught.

Through days and days, we inherit this fair

Wishing we just couldn’t care

Trying to plant seeds of revolution

And not a parade of execution

Or support of sick government plots

This is how we were raised, this how we were taught








Kids and Politics – Why you Need to Teach them about it NOW

“One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” ~ Plato


In our home, politics is very closely observed. Not the way everyone else hears and sees it on the news through such sources as the propaganda spewing mainstream media outlets, but through objective research and moral conviction.  It isn’t enough to just trust the most “trusted names in news” like CNN, FOX and other Elite owned media Corps, you need to hear it from unbiased alternative sources like one of my favoritesWe Are Change’s Youtube channel.  The truth is often blurred and suppressed, unfortunately, censored because the truth makes for critically thinking citizens. Now imagine if we raised our children to see through the lies, inspired them to want a better future for themselves and everyone around them. Things would begin to change, the future leaders would be emotionally intelligent, ethical human beings with integrity. Sounds like it would be great, doesn’t it? So this is why you need to teach your kids the importance of politics. It will instill in them a morals compass and a drive for truth and motivate them to want to be part of the revolution our society so desperately needs.

As a kid, I wasn’t exposed to any politics whatsoever. I mean sure CNN was always on in the background and my grandparents were always clearly feeding into the fear porn, but I never paid attention, and I wasn’t encouraged to. So until I was a teenager, I was a bat in a cave. Completely in the dark not knowing anything about how politics were directly affecting my life. When I started high school, I met some incredible people who were mostly punks, skaters and outcasts. I was curious about why they didn’t fit into social “norms”, and myself being a minority inside a minority, I was drawn to associate myself with them because after all, I didn’t fit in either and I ended up feeling right at home. these were my people. They embraced each other’s differences, originality, and refusal to conform. It was invigorating. As time went on, we embarked into deeper discussions about society and how it served no one but the rich, the political agendas and corporations.  I started to look around me and see it everywhere. I saw the conditioning, the programming, the propaganda.   I began to feel even more utterly alone. In times where the internet wasn’t a popular thing unless you had the money for a computer, I had no idea where to turn to get answers to my “whys?” So I lived in compliance with the “rules” and got to the library when I could, to seek out ANYTHING to explain why society was the way it was, for a few years to come.

As a mother today, I’ve made it my mission to inform, teach and nurture my children’s “whys”. I am proud to say they are critically thinking kids who don’t fit in but they’re endowed with strong moral compasses and integrity. Sure they are not insanely popular, and it’s because they do not conform and follow the crowd or shall I call it, the herd. They have their own ways of sharing knowledge with their friends and peers and that’s exactly what we need to teach our kids to do. Inform, inspire and teach others. Because if we really want to things to change, it starts with our kids. If you don’t know much about politics, think you aren’t “smart enough” or think it’s “boring” stuff, then you are only adding to the problem and you need to realize the government WANTS you to feel that way;  it proves the conditioning is working and their agendas are being fulfilled. The truth is, you are more powerful and equipped to inform yourself and your family than you realize. Information is right at your fingertips. Do the world and your kids a favor and become an informed citizen. The future generations will thank you for it.

Here are some added links to channels I watch for unbiased coverage on current political happenings.

Christopher Greene’s Youtube channel
StormClouds Gathering’s Youtube channel